How In Game Advertising has Changed Marketing

Video games have been around for over fifty years, and just like many things, they have evolved throughout the years. From arcade games, they’ve become available on different console devices. Now, games are also being developed for mobile phones. Not only have video games evolved, but they’ve also become pioneers in groundbreaking advertisement strategies. In game advertising has become an innovative way for developers to earn more money by helping brands reach a wider audience. With over 2.8 billion gamers worldwide, the gaming community is a massive market filled with ripe opportunities. Even the PS5 gaming console itself is on limited stock due to the number of people wanting to get their hands on the device.

In game advertising is a proven marketing strategy. It has already helped countless brands become more visible. When it comes to in game advertising, there isn’t that much competition. As such, you’ll have a better chance at targeting the audience that you want to reach. Not only that but dynamic in game advertising allows you to incorporate your ad whenever you want and update it whenever you need. Click here fore more info.

What Kind of Target Market Exists in Games

Contrary to popular belief, the gaming population is quite diverse. You’ll find that they are not only composed of children or teenagers. Most gamers are already in their early thirties. Furthermore, a study has shown that 33% of gamers are women. This market, composed of 2.8 billion people, plays on different devices and interact on various social media platforms. Gamers actually prefer to share their experiences, and some streamers have become quite popular by sharing how they play the game with their audience.

Gamers can also be divided into different types, just like in game advertising which comes in various forms. Casual gamers are usually composed of older users who play games on their mobile devices. Convivial gamers, on the other hand, are those that occasionally play on gaming consoles. There are also committed gamers who are very passionate about the games that they play. Finally, there are the Geek-techies who play on more than one device.

How to Place Your In-Game Advertising

To successfully use in game advertising, it’s best to know which type best serves your purpose and where you can place the advertisement. For example, dynamic in game advertising works well with video games for console devices. These games have a vibrant and detailed environment created by developers. In this environment, you can constantly place dynamic in game ads that would change depending on your needs. This means developers can put your brand on billboards, posters, or signages within the game.

On the other hand, if you want to do short, video advertisements, mobile games are the way to go. Many players on mobile games don’t mind watching video ads in return for coins or rewards. They would rather do this than wait for their coins to replenish or spend money on in-app purchases.

As you can see, there is a lot of opportunity with in game advertising. It is a big market with room for growth, and the ways to reach people only continue to grow. With fewer competitors and more options, in game advertising is changing the way that marketing campaigns work. They don’t just exist in the real world but the virtual one, too.